Brooks Joins CHS Staff

By:  Katie Hoek, Contributing Writer

Desie Brooks is one of the new faculty members at Centralia High School. She is teaching Strategic Language Arts, Language Arts I and Personal Finance. With the exception of summer school, Brooks is new to the high school staff. She has been teaching at Champion Academy for four years and previously taught at Mexico Senior High School for a year.

Brooks has been in the Centralia area since she was born. She grew up in Thompson, and she attended St. Brendan in Mexico. In sixth grade, Brooks transferred to CBMS and graduated from CHS. She continued her education at Central Methodist University where she received her bachelor of science degree in education. She then went to the University of Missouri where she received a master’s degree in educational psychology.

Brooks now livesdesi-and-olivia-hombs in Centralia with her four children:  Ava, 7th grade; Tess, 5th grade; Mack, 3rd grade; and Mara, 1st grade. Her brother Noah is a CBMS seventh grader, and her brother Nic is a freshman at CHS.

For about ten years, Brooks stayed home with her children. She then received a teaching position at Champion Academy and took the perfect opportunity to return to her career in education. She enjoys the change in environment between both school settings. “Each environment presents a unique set of rewards and challenges, which I appreciate. The combination keeps me on my toes,” she said.

Teaching at Champion Academy and CHS, Brooks faces both challenging and rewarding elements. The most rewarding aspect is getting to know her students.  She is wholeheartedly amused by teenagers. The most challenging aspect is preparing for multiple classes she has not taught before.

Desie enjoys sewing, traveling, cooking and reading when she is not “wrangling” her kids. She is curious about everything, so she is constantly exploring and investigating.