Senior Artist Spotlight 2017: Shelby Golian


By: Caitlin Spears, Contributing Writer

Shelby Golian, CHS senior, recently showcased her art at CHS. Traditionally, each senior artist in Rachel Renaud’s senior Portfolio class is given the opportunity to display his or her art in the main hallway at CHS.

The themes in Golian’s artwork represent her personality and style as an artist. Some of these themes include fantasy, inequality and pain. Her favorite portfolio piece is her altered book entitled Samaritan Lust. Golian continues to work on this project every day, adding more elements to her masterpiece.

Golian has taken almost every art class offered at CHS, starting in Foundations of Art and working her way up to Portfolio. Of all these classes, Portfolio has been her favorite because of the amount of freedom she is given with her artwork. Her favorite media to use are chalk pastels, fabrics and pens.

Through her participation in these art classes, Golian has grown as an artist. She credits her growth to a great deal of practice and to Rachel Renaud, who has been a great art teacher. Renaud, CHS art instructor, describes Golian as a fearless artist. She said, “She [Golian] jumps in with both feet both conceptually and technically in her work.”

While Golian struggles with her hands shaking and getting tired easily from all of the work she puts into her art, she continues to create because it allows her to express herself and do what she loves.

In the future, Golian hopes to continue her art career as a professional animator.