Senior Artist Spotlight 2017: Madeline Bostick


By:  Sarah Dell, Contributing Writer

Senior Madeline Bostick had a chance to showcase her artwork this spring at CHS. During her time in high school, she has gained more confidence in her art and has done more in-depth experimentation with her work.

In the past, Bostick has taken many art classes such as Foundations of Art, Drawing and Painting, Advanced Studio, Art for Social Justice and Senior Portfolio. “My favorite class is Senior Portfolio because I have been able to explore one concept in-depth and generate creative ideas to go along with my concept,” said Bostick. She likes to use mixed media and multiple layers in her work.

Bostick’s portfolio concept was self-discovery. “My portfolio is very self-expressive and personal to me,” she said. Bostick explored the characteristics and concepts she possessed and valued, including her love for running, themes of kindness and confusion with identity. Bostick is very proud of her giant ink drawing of her shoe. “I am proud of the layout and the perspective I used to portray my subject. I am proud of my decision to include a little bit of color and to vary my line making. I love this piece because it portrays my joy of running,” Bostick said.

Bostick sees both strengths and weaknesses in herself as an artist. She says she tends to be a perfectionist, which could be seen as both a strength and a weakness.  “I spend a lot of time on my artwork, and I like to create complex and time-consuming art to begin with. A weakness I feel a lot of other artists struggle with is that I get frustrated when a project isn’t turning out exactly like I envisioned.”  

In the future, Bostick would love to continue creating art, and she hopes to take art classes in college.