Incentives Help Motivate Summer School Attendees

                By: Distany Smith, 8th Grade Contributing Writer

Summer school fun is happening at CBMS. Mike Adkisson, summer school coordinator, plans to distribute prizes to some of these students who have earned perfect attendance and qualify to receive the rewards.

Adkisson will be handing out 30 St. Louis Cardinal tickets at the end of the month. If students attend summer school for the entire month of June and have had no office referrals, they become eligible to have their named place in a drawing.  

Adkisson believes this incentive will motivate the students. He hopes the students will like the tickets and enjoy going to Busch Stadium.

Adkisson thinks these rewards are important during the summer school month. He said, “It is an incentive for students to come to school every day this summer. Since summer school isn’t mandatory, this will give them more of a reason to keep coming.” Adkisson thinks summer school is important because it keeps students in the routine of learning and attending school.

In the past, Adkisson has used other items like soda, candy and extra swim days to motivate students. He estimates anywhere between 75 and 125 students will qualify for the reward.