Abracadabra: Magic Class Creates Fun Experiences for Students


By: Michael Knight, 8th Grade Contributing Writer

Magic is a popular summer school class in 2017, and it has been a part of the curriculum for several years. Mr. Tyler Forsee, class instructor, teaches students tricks they can do at home as well as at school. Most of the items needed for these tricks can be found around the house.  

Forsee learns his magic tricks in different ways. “Some tricks I learn online. I learned some from other people that know some tricks,” Forsee said.

Students joined the class for different reasons. Some people knew who was teaching, and since they like Mr. Forsee, they joined the class. Georgia Gooding joined because she likes magic. Emery Auck joined to learn new tricks. Forsee believes students like to show the magic they learn to others.  “I think the kids like the idea of being able to trick others,” he said.

Students learn about 30 tricks in class. One trick involves a table and a quarter. In this trick, the magician seems to make the quarter go through the table. Another trick is walking through a piece of paper. One more trick is levitating out of a chair where a person seems to float right out of his or her seat. Students get to show the tricks they learned to the other classes.

Magic is a popular class. Even though Magic is one of three of the oldest classes in the summer school curriculum, people still sign up to learn new tricks each year.