Summer School Classes Keep Kids Active, Fit

By:  Krystal Smith, 8th Grade Contributing Writer

Nothing But Net, Activities and Rec, Fit 4 Kids and Road Warriors are summer school classes where teachers and students both have fun. Instructors in these classes teach the students to have fun in summer school and to exercise at the same time. They are doing this to help keep the kids in shape and to encourage them to lead healthy lives.  

Activities and Rec is one of the classes that is helping students stay active during the day. During that class, the teachers and students play all kinds of games like volleyball, basketball, trashketball, kickball, wiffle ball and ultimate kickball. Scott Lenz,  7th grade social studies teacher, runs one of these classes.  He said that his favorite part about teaching this class is playing the games with the students and seeing them be successful. When Lexie Cook and Jade Lawson, two Activities and Rec students, were asked what their favorite activity was, they responded, “Trashketball and ninja.”

Another class is Nothing But Net. During this class, the kids play trashketball, ultimate kickball and knockout. Justin Smoot, 8th grade math and Nothing But Net instructor, said he is trying to teach the kids about fair play and sportsmanship. He is also teaching them how to enjoy playing a variety of games. When Smoot was asked what his favorite part about teaching this class was, he said, “I really enjoy playing the games with the kids.”

Another activity-based class is Road Warriors. This is Tyler Forsee’s first year teaching this class. He said he is trying to teach the kids bike safety, while keeping them active. They play more than one activity a day, and, on a daily basis, they ride bikes. When Forsee was asked what his favorite part about teaching that class was, he said, “Getting to be active while the students are.”

Last, but not least, is the Fit 4 Kids class. Tracy Evans has been teaching this class for eight years. Evans teaches the kids how to compare food labels by going to Prenger’s and looking at different labels. They exercise daily in this class and do webquests on fast food restaurants where they can learn to make healthy menu choices for future visits to those places. When Evans was asked what her favorite part about teaching that class was, she responded, “I love teaching fitness and healthy choices eating. Everyone is going to eat fast food from time to time, so it is important to recognize how to make healthier choices.”

There are many different ways to teach kids how to be active and how to get on their feet. These summer school classes give students the necessary tools to be active and to stay healthy.