All Things Art Inspires Students to be Creative

By: Dezarah Farris, Contributing Writer

The Centralia R-VI summer school curriculum includes a class called All Things Art. The kids in this class are having fun and learning about art.

Mrs. Williamson, the All About Art instructor, says the main focus of this class is to “give students an opportunity to take a variety of art mediums and create using the imaginations that inspire them.”

Students in this class use many different art supplies like watercolors, scissors, glue, crayons, craft sticks, craft paper, colors, tissue paper and pencils. Josh Dishman, a student in this class, said, “I am learning that you can use your imagination in art. You can take your time to create an astonishing piece of art.” Tevyn Page, another All About Art student, said, “I like expressing my feelings, and that I can’t mess up in the class.” Nevaeh Chism said she is learning about hot and cold colors in this class.

Students are working on about 10-12 different projects this month, including a picture frame called What’s Outside My Window?, a flower inspired by the famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe and a Mondrian-inspired abstract art piece by Piet Mondrian.

Students are working on a variety of skills in class. Williamson said, “One of the most important skills students are learning is how to follow directions. The next skill is learning how to show their thoughts and feelings through details in their artwork. Finally, they are learning to feel good about their own work and realize that everyone’s perspective of art can be different.’’

Students in this class are having fun and learning at the same time. In All Things Art, the kids love learning new information and creating individual projects.