CHS Welcomes Rhoades

By: Madison Smith, Contributing Writer

Mrs. Nicole Rhoades is a new addition to the Centralia High School faculty. She was originally a classroom teacher

at Centralia Intermediate School before she came to the high school. Rhoades graduated from high school in Mansfield, Ohio. After graduating college, she then came to work for the Centralia School District.

Rhoades has three children: Shane, Bethany and Adam. They all attend Centralia schools. Shane is in 10th grade and is active in FFA, Boy Scouts and his church youth group. Bethany is in 7th 


grade and is active in volleyball, Girl Scouts and her church youth group as well. Adam plays football, basketball and baseball. Rhoades loves the Centralia R-VI School District because of its high standards and has the students’ best interests at heart.

Rhoades is an instructional aide here at Centralia High School. She provides assistance to instructional programs and works with the teachers in reaching educational objectives by providing aid to individual students or small groups to help them achieve the skill levels of the class as a whole. Rhoades says she likes working with students and helping them better understand what is going on in the classroom.

Being an instructional aide is not what she has always wanted to be. Rhoades said, “No, I have always wanted to be a classroom teacher. However, I am finding that I am able to use my schooling in this position. I may not have a full classroom, but I have students that rely on me to interpret what the teacher is teaching.” Rhoades enjoys working with her students here at Centralia.

Rhoades is very excited about this year. She said, “One goal I have for this school year is to gain a better understanding of the special education department.” When she was a classroom teacher, she did not know what happened when the students would leave the classroom. She hopes in becoming an instructional aide, her skills as a classroom teacher will improve.

Rhoades is very positive about this school year. She is excited to work with students who need her assistance and is hoping to reach her goals for this school year. Rhoades will be learning new skills as well as helping students learn as well. She is glad to have this opportunity and is excited to see what it will bring.