New Additions to Google Slides

This week there were multiple updates to Google Slides and new Add-Ons that are accessible for use. 

  1. Google Keep Integration
    1. Today, you can use a new drag-and-drop integration between Keep and Slides to transform these ideas into action.
  2. Skip manual updates, by using linked slides
    1. Now, you can link and sync slides from multiple presentations with a click. This way, you can maintain a single source of truth and easily update linked slides to match the source, like for quarterly business reviews or company presentations.
  3. Insert Diagrams
    1. This is great for when you need to effectively share timelines, processes or hierarchies.
  4. Select Grid View…
    1. to view all your slides at once as thumbnails. This helps you easily reorder or change formats of multiple slides.
  5. Add-Ons
    1. Search for and add images from Adobe Stock, right in Slides. You can use the Adobe Stock add-on to build visually-stunning presentations in Slides.
    2. Use the Shutterstock Editor add-on to add and customize photos within Slides. With the Shutterstock add-on, teams can browse Shutterstock’s entire library of royalty-free images, and sign into Shutterstock to license content, directly in Slides. Select an image, then apply customization options like filters, text, logos and more.
    3. Teams can benefit from even more powerful capabilities in Slides with additional add-ons from BalsamiqLucidchartPear DeckNoun Project and Unsplash. Tap “Add-ons” in the Slides menu bar to get started.