PreAlgebra Update October 16th

In PreAlgebra, we recently finished Chapter 2 with a test using the Chromebooks and a website called Socrative.  Before the test, students worked on a review packet and all test questions came from either the review packet or the Chapter 2 test in the textbook.

In Chapter 3, we are dealing with decimals.  A change in procedures began in Chapter 3.  Every lesson’s homework will be checked for accuracy with a short Homework Quiz.  The quiz is simply 5 problems directly from the homework.  Most of the time, students will be allowed to use their completed homework on the quiz.  This should be an incentive to actually do the homework on time.  Once a week, recent homework will be checked for completion credit.

Starting in Chapter 4, we will add in grading of the notes taken in class.  In Chapter 3, notes will be checked for bonus credit only.  Many students in PreAlgebra struggle at taking complete notes so they don’t have all of the examples to help them with their homework.  Hopefully, making the notes worth credit will be an incentive to take quality notes.