Cupp Joins CHS Staff

By: Mary Kate Sullivan, Contributing Writer

The Centralia R-VI School District welcomed many new staff members for the 2017-2018 school year. One important new face people will see in the administrative offices this year is Mrs. Meghan Cupp, the new guidance and athletic secretary.

Cupp was born in Ames, Iowa. During her childhood, she moved to Missouri and then to Maine. She then returned to Missouri. Cupp graduated from Hallsville High School in 2009. She and her family moved to Centralia about a year and a half ago.

Cupp attended three different colleges before graduating from the University of Missouri in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Environmental Sciences (BSHES) in Human Development and Family Studies with Emphasis in Child Development and Education. “I got the amazing opportunity of walking across the stage with my daughter to get my diploma; this is something that I will cherish forever!” said Cupp.

Cupp then went on to teach at the preschool level for 5 years. When the CHS secretarial position opened, she jumped at the new opportunity. She chose to work in Centralia because of its excellent reputation. She said, “I chose Centralia because I absolutely loved the energy and enthusiasm that the whole community has about its education system. Another reason that I chose this school district is that my daughter will be starting kindergarten at CES in a few years, and I really wanted to be involved with the district and to be close to home.”

Cupp’s enthusiasm for the job shines through with her creative impact on the guidance office. She has worked on little projects to make the area more inviting. This attitude is shown in her personal motto, which is “Be the sunshine in someone’s day.” Cupp wants to take this motto and her positivity to her job to inspire CHS students. “You never know what your smile or positive words might do for someone!” said Cupp.

As the athletic secretary, Cupp has many responsibilities that depend on the day and the situation. She deals with schedules for transportation and athletics, creates the programs for home athletic events and does paperwork. When asked about her favorite part about being the athletic secretary, she responded, “My favorite part about being the athletic secretary is being able to play a role in something that the community is known for and is very passionate about. Even if it is only a small part and a lot of ‘behind-the-scenes’ work, it really is cool to see the programs I created in the hands of the community or the game that I helped schedule take place.”

Cupp is also the guidance secretary, so she never really knows what to expect out of a day. She constantly has papers going on and off her desk, so she has to keep everything organized. “I am so organized that I have been known to reorganize things I have already organized,” said Cupp. She also makes a list of what she needs to get done in a day to be sure that she gets to everything that she is supposed to do. Some of her duties include new and transfer student enrollment, dual credit enrollment, transcript requests and college and military representative scheduling. Cupp enjoys this new job. “I really enjoy being a part of helping students begin to plan their future and make decisions that will impact their lives in ways that they can’t even begin to understand yet. Although my part may seem small, it is extremely rewarding to see students so passionate about their education and their future,” she said.   

In her free time, Cupp enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors and exercising.