CBMS Food Drive a Success

From October 16th through October 20th, the CBMS Student Council hosted their annual food drive. Students brought in food and put the food in barrels.  We were able to fill all four barrels that we were given. In addition to supporting the food bank by collecting food, we were also able to collect money to donate to the food bank.  To do this, students put money in jars with select teachers’ names on them.  For every $100 raised, a teacher would get pied in the face, beginning with the teacher who had the most money in their bucket. Three teachers ended up getting pied based on the amount of money raised in the buckets.

1st Place: Mr. Forsee (substituted by Mr. Gordon)

2nd Place: Mr. Gramke (substituted by Mrs. Matthiesen)

3rd Place: Mrs. Crum

Through the buckets and some funds from the fall dance, we were able to donate $500 to the Central Missouri Food Bank!  Every dollar raised will turn into $21 worth of food for the food bank. All food donated in the food drive stays in the Centralia community.

By: Griffin Anderson, Student Council Reporter

StuCo VP Anna Million smears Mrs. Crum with pie.



Mrs. Matthiesen gets pied by StuCo Secretary Emilee Morris.


Principal Nathan Gordon gets creamed by StuCo President Noah Brooks.