CIS November/December Specials Newsletter

CIS Specials Newsletter
November/December 2017

Awesome Art – For the rest of the year, we are creating family Christmas gifts in each grade. The students are real excited and trying to do their best!

In November, we played Dewey Decimal Musical Chairs to practice learning the Dewey Decimal system to find nonfiction books. In December, we will continue learning about the library system by playing Double Dare using library trivia questions. Students are enjoying the Makerspace stations in the library. Our new stations are: Art- Holiday activities, origami, and drawing books. Technology- Writing computer codes. Team Games- Trouble, Bananagrams, floor and pixel puzzles. Reading- Epic, Reading Counts, Storyline Online, and reading room. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)- Building Bridges including K’Nex Bridges, straws with connectors, and building blocks with snap cubes. Thank you to everyone that supported our library by purchasing from the Book Fair. We met our goal and have purchased new books for the library with the profits. The new box top contest began on November 29th and will end on December 15th. The grade level with the most box tops will win one hour of game time and an extra recess. The winning class for the school will receive doughnuts. If CIS raises at least 1,000 box tops, then Mr. Lea will wear a Santa hat and lead the school in “Jingle Bells” one morning before school. Send in those box tops!

Musical Musings
All classes will begin singing Christmas songs/carols. The 3rd grade will be learning about the music symbols found in music. They will be doing several activities that help them recognize their function. The students will be finishing up the composer, Johann Strauss, Jr. The 4th grade are working on learning the notes of the bass clef by playing reinforcement games and concluding with a written assessment. They will also finish up the composer, Edvard Grieg. The 5th grade will finish up playing in a drum circle. They have started the new composer Aaron Copland.

In November students had the opportunity to work on some dance skills. The emphasis was gaining confidence with the skill mirroring and developing the ability to pick out different rhythm and movements. In December all classes have begun our Basketball unit and will be focusing on 3 areas. Shooting technique, passing skills, and ball handling skills. We will be playing games that work toward building confidence in these skills. All students should know and understand the keys to having success in these areas. 3rd and 4th grade will be focusing on the skill development while 5th grade classes will be working towards playing 3 on 3 games. When your son or daughter has PE please remind them to wear gym appropriate clothing and footwear.

Classroom Guidance: Recently, we have been going back over our “bully buster techniques” and reviewing our process for handling bully situations. All classrooms have a green list of strategies for our students to utilize when trying to come up with solutions. If your student is in need of ideas, please tell them to look for the green list of strategies on the board in their classroom. Next we will be discussing tolerance of others. We’ll spend some time talking about how each of us are unique and has good things to share with the people around us. Some books that go along with this unit are “Spaghetti on a Hotdog Bun,” “A Bad Case of Stripes,” “Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon,” and “The Hundred Dresses.”

In November, at our monthly assembly we celebrated working on minimizing the Disruption in Classroom and introduced ROAR (Respectful attitude, Outstanding listener, Always Safe, and Ready to learn). Our school-wide focus was on having a Respectful Attitude. In December, we will celebrate ROAR/Respectful and introduce Inside Recess expectations. We will be having ROAR ticket drawings on December 8th and 15th at 8:05am in the Gym. We will have our end of the semester assembly on December 22nd.