Lady Panthers Begin 2017-18 Basketball Season

By: Alyssa Rackley, Contributing Writer

This year CHS administrators appointed Rebecca Schemmer as the new Lady Panther head basketball coach. Schemmer is a Centralia High School special education teacher. She graduated from William Woods University and was an assistant basketball coach at Columbia College.

During her first year of coaching for the Cougars, the team had a 22-11 record, and her second season they had a 27-6 record. Schemmer said, “After those two exciting years that fulfilled me with an abundance of basketball knowledge, I was excited to accept the special education teaching position in Centralia. Last year I was fortunate enough to volunteer for the [Centralia] basketball team and serve as a volunteer assistant for the softball team.”

When Schemmer was asked why she wanted to be a coach at CHS, she said, “When I was a student at Westran High School, Centralia was one of the teams that everyone wanted to beat. When I heard about the job opportunity, I immediately jumped to it because there is a culture here that screams ‘We win games and have great athletes that work hard.’ I knew that the expectations would be high here, and I know that I will always continue to grow as a coach in Centralia.” Schemmer hopes as a coach she can make sure her team establishes sportsmanship and pushes each other to get better in a positive manner on and off the court.

Schemmer hopes for her team to have a great experience this season. She wants them to develop trust, use communication and encourage each other. Schemmer says practices will consist of concentrating on the team’s shooting during their drills and paying attention to details. With Schemmer’s commitment and integrity, she will guide her team to success.

Schemmer’s goals for this season include helping each and every athlete to be a better person and player. Schemmer said, “To impact a kid’s life is the best reward you could ever get as a coach. This year I want them to learn how to be a student of the game. I want them to understand what we are doing instead of just ‘doing it.’” With her coaching style, she believes the team will be competitive throughout the season.