Taylor Selected CHS November Student of the Month

By: Mary Kate Sullivan, Contributing Writer

Matt Smith, CHS principal, recognized senior Michael Taylor as the CHS Student of the Month of November. Tonya Dimmitt, CHS counselor, nominated Taylor for this honor.  

Taylor enjoys classes at the high school, and he particularly loves being a teacher’s assistant in the counseling office. He loves helping out when needed. “I feel welcome [in the counseling office] as it gives me a chance to be helpful.” Some of Taylor’s teacher’s assistant duties in the counseling office include giving building tours to new students and helping the counselors organize various activities. Taylor plans to continue his education at MACC and have a career in the Army.

Taylor joined the National Guard his junior year and attended basic training this past summer. His basic training consisted of 10 consecutive weeks of instruction in various areas. Also, Taylor trains 48 consecutive hours each month on a variety of skills such as combative practice, medical training and rifle marksmanship.

Dimmit nominated Taylor for his dedication and eagerness to help others. Dimmit said, “He does not hesitate to complete tasks as soon as requested. He is eager to help in any way, so much so that he has even anticipated the need to help before he is asked. He takes pride in his accomplishments and has become a valuable part of the counseling office.”