CHS Art Students Collaborate with Columbia Chorale

By: Celine Pastrana, Contributing Writer

Centralia High School’s art students recently had their artwork displayed during Columbia Chorale’s Once Upon a Time concert. The students started working on their art projects for this event at the beginning of the school year. Students created painted illustrations on a 2×8 foot wooden panel. The paintings were finished on November 1, and they were featured during the December concert.

The CHS artists collaborated with Columbia Chorale, a mixed-voice community ensemble. Rachel Renaud, CHS art teacher, was able to facilitate the collaboration with the group because her sister is the conductor. “My sister, Emily Edgington Andrews, is the conductor of the Columbia Chorale,” Renaud said. “We have been wanting to collaborate for a few years now, and this was the perfect opportunity.”

The painted panels were displayed for an audience of 300 people during a production that took place at Muriel Battle High School on Sunday, December 3, 2017. The production also included music, art, storytelling and narration from a professional actor.