Literacy Stations in Kindergarten

In kindergarten, students are learning many foundational skills that will attribute to reading. For students to practice these skills independently, literacy stations on assorted topics are visited daily. One station kindergarten students may visit is a Writing Station. Early in the year, students are copying words or letters from books, practicing handwriting, and writing their names. As the year progresses, the Writing Station is a place to practice writing quarterly sight words. Towards the end of the year, students may be writing personal narratives or other short stories. 

Another literacy station is the iPad station. The program most-used by kindergarten is Reading A-to-Z. This is a wonderful program our district uses in allowing students to digitally read (and be read to) on a student’s current reading level. Teachers also have the opportunity to push-out several holiday or theme-related books for students to read on the iPad.

The Reading Station is always popular among kindergarten students. Throughout the year, students will read to themselves or with a partner. They may choose to read Learn-About-the-World books (nonfiction), Storybooks (fiction), excerpts from their Poetry Notebook, or other books on their current reading level. Students may even choose to refer to the class anchor chart and pick a specific skill to work on, such as talking like the characters or pointing to the words as they read. 

The kindergarten literacy stations at CES help promote early reading skills, independence, and creativity. They also allow for daily differentiation for all students, as well as effective learning in a meaningful literacy environment. 

A student copies words from a book.

Students use the program Reading A-to-Z to digitally read books on their current reading level.

Students choose which skill they’d like to focus on before beginning to read with a partner.