CHS Drama Club Sees Success

By: Hannah Adkisson, Contributing Writer

During the weekend of December 8 and 9, the CHS Drama Club put on two performances of The Outsiders, their winter production. The two performances produced record-breaking attendance for the club, and they raised nearly $1,200 in admission fees.

Seniors Kensley Williams and Jared O’Loughlin, Drama Club co-presidents, have been involved in the club for nearly four years, and they have been a part of nine and ten performances respectively. Williams and O’Loughlin both think that much of the club’s success can be attributed to its family atmosphere. Both presidents emphasize this familial aspect and believe that making each member feel welcome and comfortable is very important.

In recent years, the club has seen a dramatic increase in the number of members, and the cast for each production has continued to grow. This growth extends beyond just the members themselves and includes community support as well. “We have grown so much it’s unbelievable. When I first joined, we were putting on our first-ever full play. We’ve really made a name for ourselves. It’s so amazing to see how much we’ve grown and progressed,” said Williams. O’Loughlin estimates the number of members has tripled since his freshman year.

A typical week of Drama Club rehearsals includes a three-hour rehearsal on Saturday with occasional practices throughout the week. As the date of a production approaches, more after-school rehearsals are added, and Saturday rehearsals are extended. These Saturday rehearsals are crucial because many of Drama Club’s members are intensely involved in other extracurriculars and many work after-school jobs. Rehearsals are upbeat and, according to O’Loughlin, “There’s great energy.”

Between this year’s two December performances, Drama Club representatives estimate there were around 275 people in the audience. Prior to this production, the largest audience the club had seen was around 100 people. O’Loughlin attributes this drastic increase to the club’s push to increase their social media presence. This year the club started utilizing Facebook as a platform for advertising; the page is student-run and contains updates of club happenings along with performance dates.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on Drama Club events and performances, you can “like” the club’s page @CHSDramaProductions.