7th Math – Chapter 8 Equations & Inequalities

While we are finishing up Chapter 7, here is a preview of the upcoming math content in Chapter 8 Equations and Inequalities.  Basically, in Chapter 8, students will be expected to write and solve a variety of equations and inequalities… regardless of the “messiness” of the numbers involved.  The equations will start off being solvable in a single step but will advance rather quickly, culminating in multi-step situations that will involve like terms, distributive property, and a variable on both sides of the equation or inequality.

Chapter 8 Plan of Action:

  • Lesson 8-1: Solving Equations with Rational Coefficients
  • Inquiry Lab 8-1a: Two-Step Equations
  • Lesson 8-2: Solving Two-Step Equations
  • Lesson 8-3: Writing Equations
  • Inquiry Lab 8-3a: More Two-Step Equations
  • Lesson 8-4: More Two-Step Equations
  • Inquiry Lab 8-4a: Solving Equations with Variables on Each Side
  • Lesson 8-5: Solving Equations with Variables on Each Side
  • Lesson 8-6: Inequalities
  • Lesson 8-7: Solving Inequalities
  • Lesson 8-8: Solving Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities

As always, all notes, homework, and selected answers are available on Google Classroom.  Keep up with your work!

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