Centralia Panther Pride Marching Band Wins First in Field Competition

By: Rebecca Hudson Contributing Writer

On Saturday, September 23, 2017, the Centralia Panther Pride Marching Band went to Wright City for competition. Between the band and the color guard, they won eight awards.

The Panther Pride Marching Band works really hard to prepare for these competitions. They have been practicing before school at 6:45 a.m. and during first period on A days. In their division, they received second place in parade and first place in field at competition. The band also won other awards in parade and field.

Band director, Kim Neighbors, wanted the band to do their best and learn from the competition experience. She has been going to band competitions since she was in school, and she says they have always been fun and successful experiences. “I love the excitement of performing for large crowds. I also love the team bonding these trips provide. I also enjoy watching and meeting other bands,” said Neighbors.

Drum majors Brandon Moore and Lauren Hoffman hoped they would place in the top three of both parade and field competition and won many of trophies. Hoffman’s favorite part about going to competition is getting to hang out with the other band members and watching the other bands perform their shows. When Moore was asked about his previous experiences with competition, he said, “Last year at Southern Boone we got Grand Champion.” Moore’s favorite part about this competition was the parade was short. Hoffman’s favorite part was she directed the band on the field.

The color guard works just as hard than the band does to prepare for these competitions. They practice with the band in the morning and after school. This year they are even in first period with the band to help them prepare for the parade and field show. The color guard also participates for their own competition that they prepare for outside of performing with the band. They placed third in this competition.

Color guard coach Katie Patton said the color guard worked really hard for this competition and hopes they do well because their practicing tendencies. Patton’s favorite part about going to competition is having fun and hanging out with the color guard. People probably think color guard is easy. Patton, on the other hand, says, “Color guard requires a lot of discipline both on and off the field.”  In previous experiences, the color guard has taken first in indoor competition and second place on the field. They are hoping to get to that place again by the end of competition season.

To improve the performance of the band for the next competition, Neighbors will add more visuals and polish the performance.