CHS Students Earn All-Conference Honors

By: Samantha Allen, Contributing Writer

On Thursday, November 16, 2017, the Centralia Panther Pride Marching Band took several students to audition for the Clarence County Conference Band. Rebecca Hudson, Danielle Sims, Lauren Hoffman, Liz Crockett, Kaitlyn Stankevich, Dillon Dunn, Kyle Haskell, Brandon Moore, Clayton Thomas, Hannah Adkisson, Wesley Reddington, AJ Tuggle and Aaron Richterkessing earned All-Conference honors.  

Liz Crockett, CHS freshman, auditioned on bass clarinet.  Crockett said,“I decided to try out for the All-Conference Band because I was in Honors Band last year, and I didn’t first chair, but the second chair insulted me and told me that I didn’t deserve first chair, so I decided that I had to prove my worth.” Crockett made second chair with her audition, which is a very big accomplishment for a freshman. When asked about her favorite part of band, she said,“My favorite part of band would be how it’s an escape. Every other class is strict and you don’t really have fun, but band makes you feel like you can do something that someone else can’t.”

CHS senior Lauren Hoffman auditioned on the bass clarinet. Hoffman had a strong desire to make the band this year.  “I wanted to push myself to be better, and I really wanted to make the band.” Hoffman and Crockett dominated the competition this year by acquiring first and second chair for the Panther Pride Marching Band. Hoffman also auditioned for District Honors Band and will be continuing on to audition for the State Band on Saturday, December 2. When asked about her goals for the rest of this year in band, Hoffman stated, “My goal is to continue to work hard and to hopefully get a I at contest and move on to state.”

Rebecca Hudson, a junior this year, auditioned on the flute. Hudson was asked about why she wanted to audition for Conference Band and she said this: “I made it last year, and I wanted to see if I could get a higher chair this year.” Hudson acquired fourth chair in the flute section for the Panther Pride Marching Band. Hudson’s future goals and aspirations include doing a solo for contest and hopefully making it to state.

Hannah Adkisson, CHS senior, auditioned on the trombone. Adkisson was asked when she started practicing for Conference Band.  She said, “I started preparing for my audition in early October. I tried to practice for at least a few minutes each day.”  Adkisson was joined by two other trombones from the band who auditioned and made it. “I was very excited when I found out that I made the band! I was also excited that the two other trombone players from Centralia made it as well,” Adkisson said.

Additional CHS students who made the band include Kyle Haskell and Dillon Dunn who both auditioned on trumpet, Clayton Thomas and Wesley Reddington who auditioned on trombone, Brandon Moore who auditioned on French horn, Aaron Richterkessing who auditioned on tuba, AJ Tuggle who auditioned on euphonium and Danielle Sims who auditioned on the clarinet.