January/February Specials Newsletter

CIS Specials Newsletter
January/February 2018

Awesome Art – In Art class we are finishing up with the Elements of Design and then on to clay! In clay this year, third grade will make 3 dimensional animals. Fourth grade will make rattles which can be any object, food, or animal. Bells will be made by the fifth grade using one of the three ways to build. After firing them, the students will then paint them with tempera paint!

As you are probably aware, the CIS library had a sprinkler water break on New Year’s Day resulting in the library being remodeled this past month. Library time has been held in the classrooms. Students have been learning internet safety as well as learning strategies to determine whether a source from the internet is reliable or fake. Upcoming units include Winter Olympics and the Iditarod Dog Sled Race that begins on March 3rd in Alaska. The Makerspace stations for January are Art- playdough, drawing, origami, Technology- learn to code, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)- magnets, Reading, and TEAM games- Trouble, War card game, I Spy, and puzzles.
Important Dates:
Box Top Contest runs January 16-February 28th. The winning class will receive a MYSTERY prize. Please continue to send in box tops for education to help our school.
Six Flags Read to Succeed deadline is February 16th. Forms are available at CIS. Parents need to sign the form stating that their student read for 6 hours at home and the student will receive a free Six Flags ticket to use this summer.
Missouri Read-In Day will be held on Friday, March 9th. Students are encouraged to dress up as a book character that day. Various activities will include a visit from local children’s author, Becky Lyn Rickman, high school mentor readers, school-wide book character contest, an online visit with author, Chris Grabenstein, Book Fair preview, as well as a lot of READING! More information will be sent out at a later date.
Spring Book Fair will be held on March 12-15th. Mark your calendars!

Musical Musings
3rd: We have been listening and learning about Johannes Brahms life and works. We have finished a unit on basic musical symbols and the testing sheets should have come home and how well they recognize them in music. They have learned “The Snow Man” song and have learned to accompany it on our Orff instruments while some students sing and move. We will begin a unit of music tempo terms and identifying it in music as we listen and sing
4th: The students have been studying the composer and works of John Sousa (America’s own!) We are in the middle of learning some folk tunes and play party games that were used in early American music.
Next we will be learning about form in music.
5th: We will be starting to learn about Leroy Anderson as our composer. We are finishing up a unit of how to recognize interval numbers and whether they are harmonic or melodic. There will be an assessment soon. Next the students will compose in groups a rhythm accompaniment to a poem. In late Feb. they will begin learning music from the Civil War era and begin singing it for Civil War Day in May.

We started off the year having fun tumbling. Students were allowed to explore specific movements like forward rolls, backward rolls, and headstands. Students gained valuable experience in kinesthetic awareness that will assist them in future athletic endeavors. As we progress further into 3rd quarter we will be using scooters for a variety of games. After scooters we will focus on introductory volleyball games. Please remind students to wear PE appropriate clothing and footwear on days they have PE.

Classroom Guidance:
We continue to work on our career exploration unit this month. Third graders are beginning to write about what they would like to be when they grow up and are working to match the careers with the corresponding career paths. Fourth graders are getting ready to take a small self-assessment to match themselves up with career paths that they currently have a lot in common with. Fifth graders are beginning to explore three of their favorite careers online and present on their findings. Next month, we will revisit our bully-buster strategies.

We started out with Boot Camp, where we review all of the expectations we have learned for CIS. We continue to have our ticket drawings for prizes and our monthly drawings with a focus each month. January focused on review and February will focus on Dismissal.

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