Eikel Scores 1,000th Point

By: Alyssa Rackley, Contributing Writer

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018, Olivia Eikel, CHS senior, made her 1,000th point at the Macon basketball tournament. The varsity team played against Mexico that night and won 58-52.

Eikel is the daughter of Paul and Liz Eikel, and she has a brother named Justin. Basketball has always been a part of her life. She has played almost eight years now and this is her fourth year on varsity.

Olivia Eikel scored her 1,000th point this year. She is pictured with Nick Larson, CHS athletic director, and Becca Schemmer, CHS head girls’ basketball coach.

Growing up she played on a competitive team and always practiced at home with her brother. Eikel said, “My mom and brother have been my role models because they were both great basketball players. Another person I’ve looked up to is Madison Gordon. I’ve learned a lot from playing with her.”

Eikel has received many awards throughout her high school career, including honors such as KRES All-Star, All-Conference 2015-16, All-Conference 2016-17, All-District 2016-17and All-Area Team 2016-17.

It is a big milestone for a basketball player to score 1,000 points and is a goal for many players. Eikel said, “I always thought it would be awesome to score 1,000 points in high school, but it didn’t seem possible until my junior year. It feels great to have accomplished something I worked hard for.”

Her coaches could not be any more proud. Coach Becca Schemmer, head girls’ basketball coach, said, “It is an honor to be a part of this great accomplishment. It was an exciting moment getting to watch a player who has worked so hard achieve a goal that many players would love to achieve in their career. I hope to see more of these in my future.” Coach John Finlay, assistant girls’ basketball coach, said, “It is pretty darn cool. I’ve been coaching here for around 12 years, and she is the first one to score 1,000 points.”

The coaches believe Eikel is not only a great athlete but a great student. Schemmer said, “I think that Olivia does a great job of coming to practice every day with the mentality of ‘I am going to get better today.’ I think her mentality and work ethic have definitely inspired some of our younger athletes. One of my favorite things about Olivia is that she not only gets it done on the basketball court, but she is always striving for perfection in the classroom. Overall, any coach or teacher would love to Olivia in the classroom or on the court. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to do whatever is asked of her. I wish I could have another 4 years with this kid.”

The coaches knew Eikel would likely score her 1,000th point during the Mexico game. Finlay said, ”She was really close going into this game. Actually, we really didn’t make many changes during the game to get her there. She is important to the team on the offensive end, so we knew she would get her chances. It was appropriate for her to get it on a free throw.  She has gotten to the free throw line many times in her career and done well there.”

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