CHS Artwork Displayed in Downtown Columbia

By: Hannah Kendrick, Contributing Writer

During the first semester, the Centralia High School art students painted murals that were showcased at a Columbia Chorale concert during December. The paintings are now being displayed in the Orr Street art studio in downtown Columbia. The paintings will be displayed two at a time and will be left up for two weeks at a time.

When asked how her students would benefit from their art being in an event such as this, Mrs. Renaud said, “This is how art works in the real world! There was a high level of accountability in this project. My students knew that their product had to be excellent in concept and technique.”

The event was successful with very positive feedback. Renaud said, “Mrs. Edgington, the choir director, and I received wonderful feedback from the audience. This collaboration was a powerful balance of vocal music, oral storytelling and visual imagery.”

Each student was asked to create a piece of art based on an assigned choral piece. Renaud determined each student’s song by reading the lyrics of each piece and matching the artist’s style with the lyrics and tone of the song.

Sarah Spires, one of the art students, took about a month to finish her piece and used the imagery she saw in her head while listening to her song to influence her work. Spires said, “I am proud that I made the work to be publicly displayed but was also nervous about what people would think of it.”

Patrick Bentlage, another art student, said, “It feels good to know that my art is good enough to be displayed for other people to see.”

The art will most likely be kept at Columbia Chorale’s Orr Street Studio after April 22, 2018.


The following CHS artists will have their art displayed on these dates:

Hannah Kendrick and Jayden Rawlings: January 1-14

AJ Hombs and Ethan Mayfield: January 15-28

Sarah Spires and Halia Hargis: January 29- February 11

Jared O and Glennie Hardy: February 12-25

Patrick Bentlage and Laken Albur: February 26- March 11

Michael Bush and Julie Mathews: March 12-25

Grace Clavin and Jessica Sites: March 26- April 8

Derek Calhoon and Hannah Kendrick: April 9-22

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