CHS Students Explore Music Interests Through Private Music Course

By: Celine Pastrana, Contributing Writer

This 2017-18 school year a new class has been added to the curriculum. The class is called Private Music, and Kim Neighbors, Centralia R-VI music instructor, is the teacher of the course.

Private Music class is a free space for musicians. It allows musicians to advance and grow in their knowledge of music. “Private Music class is a place where musicians can get individual help on their instrument or voice,” Neighbors said. “It’s designed so the student can pick what songs and projects they want to work on and what they want to improve on.” The students are able to get individualized lessons each class period with personalized instruction.

Neighbors has been teaching music for 11 years. She earned her music education degree from Mizzou’s program, where they learn every instrument.  She loves the many different ways music can influence people. She also enjoys the different moods and emotional connections music can give to people. “I am excited to teach everything. I love the variety of different instruments and musical styles that we have in the class,” Neighbors commented.

The students play a wide variety of instruments in the class. These include saxophone, trumpet, piano, French horn, percussion, guitar, bass and cello. Some students partake in singing as well. Michael Pastrana, a student in the class, plays the guitar. “My favorite part of Private Music is being able to choose what instrument you want to practice as well as being able to learn from and teach the other students in the class,” he said. In this class, Pastrana is able to use the time to learn and progress on the skills he has already acquired. “Private music helps students because with all the diversity it encourages students to learn new things and respect other artists and their instruments as well,” he added.

Private Music class benefits many students in different ways. It gives students the time to practice an interest. “I think it gives them a creative outlet to explore new talents they might not normally,” Neighbors stated. In this class, the students are able to freely express themselves and learn at their own pace.

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