Adkisson Receives Job Training Through FLEX Program

By: Hannah Kendrick, Contributing Writer

Centralia High School offers an internship program called FLEX to its seniors. This program gives the students an opportunity to try working in their chosen career field. Hannah Adkisson, CHS senior, interns at HomeBank in Centralia. Adkisson gets hands-on training every other day during this work experience.

Adkisson said, “Banking is a field that requires hands-on learning. FLEX allows me to work extra hours during the week, and these extra hours mean more on-the-job training.” FLEX has given her the chance to learn more about customer service, time management and the importance of maintaining good relationships with her co-workers. Since entering the program, Adkisson has decided to change her career path from education to agricultural lending.

Jason Watermann, FLEX instructor, said, “FLEX gives these students an opportunity to see if the occupation they are thinking about going into is really for them. When the students FLEX for the whole school year, they have a chance to switch internships at semester.” This benefits the students who decide they no longer like the field they originally chose.

FLEX gives the students extra time to work in their chosen career field instead of learning about it in a classroom setting. Adkisson said, “As a customer service representative/student teller, I am responsible for assisting customers in their monetary transactions and answering any questions they might have about their accounts.” She gets to do these activities every day while interning at HomeBank.

Watermann plans to expand the FLEX program to offer it to juniors as well as seniors next year.

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