Beard to Direct Spring Drama Production

By: Hannah Adkisson, Contributing Writer

For the first time in CHS Drama Club history, the club will be performing an original play written by a student. For their spring production, junior Max Beard has written a play, and he will be taking on the role of director for his production.

Beard’s play is titled The Marvelous Mental Mystery of the Alvarado Mansion and is categorized as both a mystery and a comedy. According to Beard, the play is about an aristocrat who has been isolated from the outside world for a few years. He plans a reunion with some of his friends, and he promises them he has exciting news. Before he can relay the news, he suffers a hit to the head, leaving him with amnesia. “The rest of the play is the amnesia-stricken aristocrat engaging in all sorts of comical hijinks as he investigates who hit him on the head,” said Beard.

During the writing of this play, Beard found inspiration in film and past Drama Club performances. “The entire concept of a comical mystery came from the ideas behind the movie Clue with Tim Curry,” said Beard. “Also, I was very much inspired by my first play in Drama, The Importance of Being Earnest. The entire play was so much fun and just gave off a feeling of joy to perform, which I really wanted to capture.”

Drama Club sponsor Kortney Sebben is enthusiastic about this production. Throughout Beard’s writing process, Sebben was able to provide him with feedback, but she credits him with taking on the full director role. Sebben is looking forward to the performance of this production because this is the first student-written play Drama Club has reenacted. “We have written plays before, but we have never had a student interested in directing. I am really excited about this project because it is just one more way to show how diversely talented CHS students are in the fine arts,” she said.  Sebben is also excited to see Beard step into the director’s shoes, and she looks forward to watching his creative vision come to life onstage.

Beard has been overwhelmed with the amount of support he has received from both the school and community. “Ever since this school found out that I was writing a play, I have gotten nothing but encouraging remarks, eagerly asked questions and promises of attendance at the event,” said Beard. “I’ve truly learned how fortunate I am to be blessed with such people in my life.” Beard is looking forward to taking on the role of director for this play and watching his characters come to life.

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