CHS Ag Issues Team to Participate at District Competition


Ag Issues Team Prepares for District Contest

By: Hannah Adkisson, Contributing Writer

Ag Issues team on a conference call, learning more information about their topic.

For the 2018 competition season, the FFA Ag Issues team has advanced to district competition. On March 21, the team competed at the area contest, where they took first place over two other teams. The 2018 Ag Issues team consists of sophomore, Mary Kate Bennett; sophomore, Anna Romine; sophomore, Emily Bruns; sophomore, Shane Rhoades; sophomore, Garrett Schuering; sophomore, Zane Stone; and junior, Griffin Holliday.

Ag Issues is a contest team that requires students to pick an issue that is facing the agricultural industry. They must completely support both sides of the argument in their presentation. The team is then judged on how entertaining the skit is and how well their question is answered. Additionally, after their performance, they are judged on their ability to answer questions asked by the judges.

Ag Issues is a contest team that requires an immense amount of work from each team member. This work starts with the selection of a topic. Scott Stone, CHS FFA adviser, said the selection process was a team effort. “I gave them a list of topics that I had found from researching,” he said. “[The team] did a little research on the topics and decided that this topic sounded very unique.”

Ag Issues team performing their skit.

The topic of river conservation has gained popularity because of a recent court case. If this court case wins, all bodies of water in the United States will be affected. Mid-Missouri is a part of the Missouri and Mississippi River watershed. According to Stone, the quality of the water in the Missouri River is deteriorating rapidly. This has caused many people to take an interest in the conservation of the Mississippi River. This river is a major route of transportation that must be preserved in order to keep goods flowing in both directions.

The Ag Issues team has spent countless hours researching, writing, editing and memorizing their script for the performance. The team has performed at a total of 7 public forums. On March 26, the team will be traveling to Monroe City to compete in the district contest. If they place as one of the top three teams, they will advance to state competition.

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