CHS to Host Decision Day 2018


CONTACT:  Tonya Dimmitt or Scott Stone

Date: April 4, 2018

Phone: 573-682-3508


Decision Day celebrates seniors’ plans for higher education or military service.

High school seniors will be recognized for their plans for higher education or military service during Decision Day events at Centralia High School.

Decision Day recognizes all seniors for their postsecondary plans. Events are held nationwide on or around May 1 — the date by which most high school seniors must notify a college of their plans to enroll. Decision Day was inspired by the NCAA’s National Signing Day when student-athletes sign a letter of intent to play sports at a specific college.

Decision Day also provides information to assist seniors who are still considering higher education but have not applied to college or officially enrolled. For younger students, Decision Day builds excitement about the future and emphasizes the importance of planning for higher education.

Centralia High School will host Decision Day events on April 11, 2018, from 1:15 to 1:40. Students, parents, school administrators, teachers, staff and community members are invited to join the celebration.

We have invited representatives from the military, colleges/universities, technical schools, and community colleges. We are planning to gather the entire student body, along with family and friends, in the gymnasium at Centralia High School.


During the “signing,” we will call the students by university/school/branch to their table and have them sign a certificate declaring their intentions to attend the school/college/university/military branch of their choice.  We will also have the students state their intended major or plan of study. We hope to take a group photo while the students are at your organization’s table. Then we would move to the next school or university. It would be a lot like an athletic signing, but with an academic twist.  

For more information about Decision Day activities at Centralia High School, please contact Scott Stone or Tonya Dimmitt at 573-682-3508.


Locations for all Decision Day events are available at


For additional information about Decision Day, visit

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