Hann Receives CHS Teacher of the Year Award

By: Callie Timmerberg, Contributing Writer

Mr. Matt Smith, CHS principal, selected Mike Hann as the 2018 CHS Teacher of the Year. Hann, a history teacher at the high school, received the award on Friday, May 11, 2018, during Scholarship Night.  

Hann has been a teacher for a total of 29 years and is retiring this year. He worked at King City, Missouri, for 14 years, Montgomery County R-II High School for 1 year and Centralia High School for 14 years.  

Smith has great respect for Hann as a classroom instructor. “If you’ve ever had the opportunity to be in Mr. Hann’s classroom, you know firsthand that history has never been dates and places to him. He presents to students in a way that prompts them to understand the human dramas that actually trigger significant events, whether they be political conflicts, economic forces, geography or opportunity for mankind,” he said.

Hann has consistently been eager to push his students to learn and has always pushed himself to blend special activities and events into their education. He has never stopped growing in his knowledge and his abilities. Smith said, “Mr. Hann’s influence here at CHS also goes far beyond the classroom. From spearheading the Pink Panther basketball tradition to working closely with our Veterans to bring Centralia’s contributions to the U.S. military to life, Mr. Hann has embraced Centralia, his students, their families and our community at large. One of many great contributions to CHS that Mr. Hann leaves us is the Sergeant Rodney Griffin uniform display in the social studies hall.”

Hann feels he has received many benefits from working at CHS. He believes the biggest benefit is that the administration allows teachers the freedom to develop their own curriculum and structure of their class, allowing them to teach the students in the most successful way.

Teaching has formed Hann into the person he is today. He said, “I have learned as much from my students, if not more than they have learned from me. The world has changed a lot in 29 years but some things haven’t. The kids keep me up-to-date with what is going on with teenagers today.”

Hann leaves future educators with the following advice: “Remember that learning how to learn is more important than any subject matter. Never be satisfied with being a good teacher. Always strive to make learning better.”

Hann will work as an usher at Mizzou Arena after retirement.

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