Senior Art Showcase 2018: Audrey Seider

By: Mary Kate Sullivan, Contributing Writer

Senior Audrey Seider spent her senior year in art exploring different forms of cognition. She did this in a variety of ways.

Seider prefers to use gouache, which is like watercolor, to create her pieces. One of her favorite pieces is entitled Those Dreamers because of a story she wrote to accompany it. Another favorite is Up From the Attic because of the concept behind it. CHS art instructor Rachel Renaud said, “Audrey was fascinated by the idea of human thinking–how our brains are similar in structure, yet can function so differently.”

Seider has been an art student throughout all four years of high school. She has truly grown as an artist over the past few years. “I will remember gaining confidence as an artist in my four years as an art student. Before high school, I hadn’t really considered art to be something I was super interested in, but now I realize I want art to be part of my life,” she said.

Seider plans to study art history in college and become a museum curator.

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