7th Grade Math IXL’s

In 7th grade math, we use ixl.com to practice the math we are learning.  It is meant as repetitive practice… not as horrible work.  To help with that, I do the grades a bit differently than you may be accustomed to.  Getting a score of 80 is considered a 100%.  Anything over an 80 is just extra credit.

I always give a one-week notice before any IXL’s are due.  Chapter 1 IXL’s are:

  • B.1-B.6
  • N.1, N.2, & N.5
  • R.1-R.5 & R.9

Chapter 1 IXL’s are due Friday, September 21st.  They will count for 3 homework assignments: B’s, N’s, & R’s.  We will discuss how I figure the grade in class so students can calculate their own grades on IXL.

In Chapter 2, we are covering integer operations and graphing in all four quadrants.  Those topics are covered in the C’s and P’s on IXL.  I have marked those IXL’s for students to be working on them but they are NOT due on September 21st.

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