Beard Attends Boys State

By: Sarah Spires, Contributing Writer

This summer Max Beard, CHS senior, attended Boys State, which is an eight-day program held in Warrensburg at the University of Central Missouri. This programs brings in the best and brightest students from all over the state and offers them a hands-on experience where they can learn about the government and democracy.  

Beard is president of STUCO, treasurer of the National Honor Society and a fellow actor and director in Drama Club. He plans to go to college and be a Christian comedian when he graduates from high school, but he said he will do whatever God plans for him to do. Tim and Cecilia Beard are his parents. He also has an older sister named Bella.

The Boys State program is sponsored by the American Legion. Students develop leadership skills through this program by making their own government. They learn the vital skills of being a political leader:  campaigning, knowing the law and enforcing it, writing journalistic stories, learning legislative process and working in public administration. During the week, the students get to elect officials for their governments and listen to speakers. Most of all, they gain relationships that will last a lifetime.

Beard attended this program because of the great opportunities it offered. He also went because his sister Bella participated in Girls State.

At Boys State, Beard attended journalism school where he learned how to write like a reporter. He wrote articles for the MBS Record, the program’s newspaper. Beard earned the opportunity to have four of his pieces published on the front page. He was also the county delegate and chaplain for his city.

Beard learned a great deal at Boys State. He said he would 100% recommend this program to others because anyone can benefit from it. It teaches leadership and the way our government works. Not only does the program teach these skills, but it provides great scholarship opportunities for students. He continued to say it helped him learn about the college experience of living in a dorm with strangers and having a busy schedule.

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