Heimann Participates in Duke Summer Program

By:  Careena Crabtree, Contributing Writer

Last summer high school senior Beth Heimann participated in a week-long STEM science program at Duke University. She stayed in Durham, North Carolina, from July 8-July 13.

While there, Heimann explored the scientific sections of the campus, attended lectures and met a variety of people. She learned about many topics while there as well, including mobile technology in health science, college prep courses and mathematics. In her spare time at the academy, Heimann played games and befriended the other participants in the program.

She applied for this program to build up her resume and gain college experience.To get into this program, Heimann had to complete an extensive application. She filled out an application similar to a college admission. There were transcripts, recommendation letters and several essays. Heimann said, “The process was long, but worth it.” She also said, “The application process was a blessing, as it taught me many valuable things, but it was nonetheless taxing. I’m very pleased with all the things I learned about the logistics of these sorts of things as well as about myself.”

After high school, Heimann plans to go to college and attend graduate school. Heimann said, “My parents were so proud of me for working hard to apply as well as happy for me when I told them all the fun I had. They were extremely supportive and I’m thankful.” She said no other participants in the program were from Missouri besides her, and that the friends she met were all from different areas of the country.

The information she gained over the summer will aid in her future for years to come. Heimann stated, “I love science and I love analysis but, most of all, I love knowledge. I trust I will find a major at a great university in a career path that allows me to utilize all three.”

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