Centralia R-VI Welcomes Murphy

By:  Morgan Crane, Contributing Writer

Kendra Murphy is one of the new faces at CHS this year. She teaches Algebra at both CBMS and CHS, and she teaches 6th grade math. She is also the head softball coach for CHS.

Previously, Murphy taught math in Hannibal before moving to Centralia. She enjoys her new job here at CHS. She said, “I really like working with students and helping them realize that math is a subject that they can succeed in even if it is challenging.”

Murphy loves the size of the school district and her classes. With smaller classes, it is easier to communicate between students and teachers. Murphy wants her students to gain knowledge and learn life lessons from her teaching. “I hope that they take at least one thing that they have learned and are able to say ‘I remember learning that in Mrs. Murphy’s class’, but more so I hope that they can say I made a difference in their life, and they know that I cared about them,” she said.

Murphy commutes here from Hannibal, Missouri, but plans to move closer to town. Currently, she lives with her husband, Blayne, and her 3-year-old daughter, Kensley. She also has many hobbies, making her busy both inside and outside school. Some of these hobbies include going golfing with her husband and walking her dogs.  

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