CES Fire Safety Week

This year, Chance Elementary has added ‘Safety Weeks’ into our beginning of the year routine. Schools are required to complete drills each year, such as fire, intruder, inclement weather, and earthquake. 

We decided to apply these drills, and what the students need to know, into a week long safety week. During each safety week, students learn about procedures for the drill, then practice the procedures in all areas of the school. Teachers find little pockets of time throughout the week to review and practice with students. We end the week with a school-wide drill.

This week, students experienced Fire Safety Week. Kindergarten had the fire trucks and firemen visit us at Chance. The kiddos had a great time sitting up in the seat of the fire truck and hearing from the firemen. Then, 1st grade took a walking field trip to our local fire station. We finished off the week with our school-wide drill, which went off without a hitch.

Earthquake Safety Week is our last safety week, and will occur November 5th-9th.


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