CES Halloween Parties

Halloween classroom parties for CES will be October 31st. Parents are welcome to start arriving, help setting up in the classroom, and/or help their child with their costume, starting at 1:40 PM. You will be asked to sign in as a visitor when you arrive to the office. 

We will have a school-wide parade in costumes starting at 2:00 PM on the blacktop at the back of the building. If it rains, we hold it inside. If weather permits, then parents will line up on the edge of the blacktop, and students will parade around the middle by class. After the parade, classes will head back to their room and begin the parties. Parties usually start wrapping up around 3:00 PM. You are welcome to take your child with you early when you leave from the party as long as we are made aware. Please double check your child’s costume to make sure it’s not see-through, it fits appropriately, and it isn’t exceeding the limit with weapons, blood and gore. We do have all the way down to 3-year-olds in our building and want to be mindful of the ages.

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