Former Student Returns to CHS as Ag Instructor

By: Rebecca Hudson, Contributing Writer

Kelsay Bruns accepted an open position in the CHS agriculture department for the 2018-19 school year. She is teaching Ag Lab I and II, Wildlife, Landscape Design and Ag Structures.

She grew up in Centralia and graduated from CHS. Growing up in Centralia, Bruns has seen how the community supports the schools and enjoys the fact that she gets to be a teacher in her hometown. Her favorite element of CHS is the support the students and the teachers receive. She also enjoys how students and teachers alike want to help others try to succeed in what they want to do.

Bruns became a teacher because she believes teachers help guide students and show them how they can live their lives. She said, “So many kids can benefit from having a good teacher in their life, and that’s what I had going through school. I also have such a passion for the subjects I teach, and I want my students to really learn and succeed.”

As a teacher, Bruns is looking forward to getting to know students and watching them succeed in the activities they enjoy.

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