Papen Celebrates 10 Years With OPAA!

By: Lily Biggs, Contributing Writer

Patty Papen has been working at Centralia High School for their breakfast and lunch program through OPAA! for 10 years. Papen celebrated on September 17, 2018, with a certificate of recognition, balloons and multiple gifts from her co-workers.

When asked about her job, Papen said she loves seeing the kids and staff. Her coworkers make her job quite enjoyable, too. Papen applauded OPAA!’s director, Alisia Sebers, saying she is “the best director you can ask for” and referring to her as “not just a boss but a friend.” Papen’s motivation stems from the love she has for her job and from all the people she is associated with on a daily basis.

Working with OPAA! has had an impact on Papen. She said, “It has taught me to be more patient and realize being happy with your job is more important than how much money you make.”

The Centralia R-VI School District offers many benefits. Papen enjoys getting holidays, snow days and weekends off during the year. Additionally, she enjoys working with Centralia’s amazing staff and students.

Outside of work, Papen likes to spend her time doing jigsaw puzzles and being with her family. She has been married for 28 years and has a big family, which consists of four children and six, going on seven, grandchildren. Papen said, “I am very blessed,” when mentioning her family.

Thank you, Patty Papen,  for your dedication and hard work at OPAA! Congratulations!

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