SAE Spotlight: Zane Stone

  By: Madison Smith, Contributing Writer

Mr. Scott Stone and Mrs. Lori Lewis, CHS FFA sponsors, nominated Zane Stone for the September FFA SAE Spotlight. He is a junior at Centralia High School and is involved in FFA, football, basketball and baseball. He is also a member of the Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Part of Stone’s SAE is his lawn care business. He also raises cattle, swine, goats and sheep. He started this SAE because he has had most of these animals in his life, and he loves to mow. His side job is called Stoney Service, where he does small jobs for his customers. His main SAE goals are to make money and make connections with people and with his animals. 

Stone has been working with animals ever since he remembers, and he has been mowing since he was five. He says his SAE has helped him grow as a person and learn how to communicate more effectively. The main goal of his SAE is to make money. Stone said, “I have learned about teamwork, flexibility and making connections that help me. I have also learned how to deal with unexpected circumstances that lead to fluctuating income.” He has expanded his business since he first started and is going to try and keep expanding and learning from his SAE.

The objective of a Supervised Agricultural Experience is to work with educational programs to better prepare FFA students for their future careers. The simple skills such as communication and patience will help them succeed in life. Scott Stone, FFA Adviser, says he has his students do an SAE for the learning experience. He says they can explore any career interest they may have and even find a field they might not want to follow. Stone said, “I hope they all have the chance to earn a profit, but I hope they can learn what areas they are interested in as a potential career.”

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