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Parent Newsletter –November 8, 2018

With Parent/Teacher Conferences and the Halloween Party it seems like it has been a long time since I have written a newsletter!   I am anxious to share with you the exciting things happening in our room lately.  Centers are an important part of our learning.   We practice many literacy and math skills as well as problem solving and getting along with others.   

A picture is worth a thousand words….

Construction Center

Liam is busy using blocks and boxes to build a bridge.   It was exciting to watch Liam and Oliver stack the boxes and “measure” the tower against their bodies.  

Reading Center

Chaytin really enjoys going to the reading center.   I read a book to him today and then he reread the book by himself.

Math and Science Center

Talia and Avin are busy finding number matches in an ice cream game.   They had to recognize the numbers and then find 3 “scoops” to match that number: number of dots on dice, object counting, and number recognition.

Tactile Center

Maggie and Maeve were in the tactile center making a fruit salad.   Lots of good language skills; talking turns, naming objects, and cooperating with one another.

Language and Literacy Center

Skyler and Gannon were really involved in matching capital and lowercase letters with letter keys and locks. Gannon was also practicing writing the letter G in his name.  

Dramatic Play Center

This is a popular center!   SJ, Brandon, and Owen were busy shopping!   In this center, we have areas labeled as dairy, produce, dry goods, bakery, meat; just like a real store!   We talked about how store workers “restock” shelves appropriately.   If they don’t sometimes their boss has to talk to them and if things don’t improve, they get fired!   It is so funny to hear them talk about putting things back on the correct shelf so they don’t get fired!!

Love the learning in our preschool!

   Mrs. Warbritton


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