Mayfield Selected for Student of the Month

By: Hannah Pendergrast, Contributing Writer

Ethan Mayfield, a senior at Centralia High School, was chosen for Student of the Month in October. Nick Larson, CHS assistant principal, selected him.  

Mayfield moved to Missouri from Texas last year, and since then he has adapted very well in Centralia. He moved here with his parents, Monique and Michael Mayfield, and his two siblings, Kyle and Kaitlyn Mayfield. Larson said, “I chose Ethan to be Student of the Month because he is a great model of perseverance.”

Mayfield has adjusted well and improved greatly at Centralia, despite moving to a new state and enrolling in a new school. Mayfield enjoys Centralia High School. “School gives me something to do,” said Mayfield. Larson added, “Ethan stands out because of the joy he finds from his classes.”

Mayfield’s favorite class at Centralia is Studio Art with Mrs. Renaud. He especially likes creating art. Larson stated, “On countless occasions, he has come to my office to show off his artwork. The joy that this brings him is very special.”

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