Kindergarten Science!

For the past two weeks the kindergarten students at CES have been completing a science unit about Motion and Stability.  This unit included discussions about motion and forces including pushes, pulls, and gravity.  After several discussions about these forces the students participated in an experiment!

For the experiment the students were asked, “Can you build a ramp that will get a marble from one line to another?”  The students worked through several steps to complete their experiment (1-determining the question/problem, 2- imagining/brainstorming solutions, 3- making a plan, 4- creating the model, and 5- testing it out and making improvements).  After two days of planning and creating the students were able to put their ramps to the test!  After each group/student completed their experiment, discussions were had about the success of the ramp, as well as any improvements that could be made.  The students had a lot of fun discussing how objects around us move, discussing different types of forces, and finally designing and building ramps!

Below are some students from Miss Ensor’s class with their ramps. You’ll notice several different designs and materials used for this project.  Most students used clipboards, whiteboards, toilet paper rolls, tubs of books, and/or their table caddy to build their ramps. Several students had successful designs! 

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