Patton Creates Unique Extra-Credit Opportunity for Government Students

By: Lily Biggs, Contributing Writer

Katie Patton, CHS Government teacher, has created a unique and interactive learning experience for her students to encourage them to get involved in their community. By doing approved acts of community service, participating in local government activities, answering questions about their service activity and bringing in signatures or materials from the activity, students can learn about civic responsibilities and earn school credit at the same time.

This extra credit assignment encourages students to take responsibility as citizens by participating in the small opportunities available for them. Patton said she created the assignment because “our students [need] to grow to be productive members of our society and our local community. I thought what better way of teaching student responsibility and duty than to have the student be able to demonstrate by doing.” This project can help set the roots of government participation for students by getting them involved at an early age.

The assignment has already shown positive results for the students. Patton said, “Students will be responsible for making decisions to help run this community. They need to know ways they can influence their local government in a respectful and meaningful manner.” The assignment teaches the students how to exemplify their Panther pride by learning how to help make our community thrive.

Hannah Pendergrast, CHS junior, participated in the activity for the month of September by donating blood. She said the assignment has taught her more about the community and how she can make a difference. Being rewarded for benefiting the community is a favorable opportunity for her to earn extra credit.

Students can earn credit for taking part or volunteering in the community once a month. Taking action in our community teaches the students how to be responsible citizens, making this assignment an invaluable learning experience.