CHS FFA Students Gather for Degree Ceremony

By: Samantha Conners, Contributing Writer

On October 10, 2017, 57 students received an FFA Greenhand Degree, and 28 students received an FFA Chapter Degree at Centralia High School.

The following requirements must be met to earn a Greenhand Degree at CHS: 1. Be enrolled in agricultural education and have satisfactory plans for a supervised agricultural experience program; 2. Learn and explain the FFA creed,

FFA Greenhand Degree 2018

motto, salute and FFA mission statement; 3. Describe and explain the meaning of the FFA emblem and colors; 4. Demonstrate a knowledge of the FFA code of ethics and the proper use of the FFA jacket; 5. Demonstrate a knowledge of the history of the organization, the chapter constitution and bylaws and the chapter program of activities; 6. Personally own or have access to the Official FFA Manual and the FFA student handbook; 7. Submit a written application for the Greenhand FFA Degre

The following students received their Greenhand Degree this year: Hannah Adams, Baylee Beard, Nick Belshe, Claire Bennett, Emory Biggs, Aidan Bourgeois, Caleb Brinkman, Noah Brooks, Evan Bruns, Ian Buckman, Kallie Campbell, Elly Crum, Diamond Deener, Izzy Dell, Toby Durant, Grant Erisman, Jacob Fashing, Julia Flowers, Ethan Hargis, Rachel Haskell, Makenna Johnston, Savannah Littrell, Xaden Lockett, Joe Lockwood, Gabe Maenner, Matt Purvis, Caleb Rackley, Emma Romine, Willow Sanders, Zach Schnarre, Distany Smith, Josie Specker, Ava Stephens, Kelby Stevens, Lily Stidham, Annamarie Stone, Gillian Smith, Julie Durham and Michael Knight.

FFA Chapter Degree 2018

The following are requirements for an FFA Chapter Degree: 1. Must have received the Greenhand FFA Degree; 2. Must have completed the equivalent of at least 180 hours of systematic school instruction in agricultural education at or above the ninth grade level; 3. Have in operation an approved supervised agricultural experience program and be enrolled in an agricultural education course; 4. Have participated in the planning and conducting of at least three official functions in the program of activities; 5. Have enrolled and productively invested at least $150.00 by the member’s own efforts or worked at least forty-five hours in excess of scheduled class time, or a combination thereof, and have developed plans for continued growth and improvement in a Supervised Agricultural Experience Program; 6. Have effectively led a group discussion for 15 minutes; 7. Have demonstrated five procedures of parliamentary law; 8. Showed progress toward individual achievements in the FFA award program;  9. Have an exceptional scholastic record; and 10. Submit a written application for the Chapter FFA Degree.

The following students earned their Chapter Degree this fall: Schyler Angell, McKenna Baer, Mariah Barr, Seth Beard, Alaina Berendzen, Graceanne Biggs,Kile Chitwood, Jackson Collier, Ashlyn Crum, Aleigha Dollens, Shannon Fentiman, Christina Gronefeld, Jenna Hasekamp, Chris Heimann, Ella Holiman, Lance Hudson, Luke Hudson, Max Hunter, Delaney Mast, Maximus Michaels, Houston Paige, Maelea Parrish, Nate Riddle, Lauren Sanders, Ella Smith, Anthony Stevens, Kylee Walters, Jake West and Logan West.

Brooke Schnarre is a member of the FFA officer committee this year. Schnarre thinks the degree ceremony shows how the students want to learn more and educate more people about agriculture as a whole. According to Schnarre, agricultural education is extremely important for students. They need to understand the importance of the agricultural industry, and they need to be properly taught about the contributions that agriculture makes to our world as a whole.  

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