Kindergarten Writers Notebooks

The kindergarten classes just finished our first writing unit- Getting Ready for Writing, in which we practiced a lot of pre-writing skills and letter sound skills. We started unit 2 this week- Narrative Writing. Students were introduced to their Writers Notebooks with lots of modeling and class discussion on how to be a “kindergarten writer,” and what that should look like. With a week into our new unit students can write their name and the date in it’s designated spot. They can map out a quick sketch or pencil drawing of their story and then using sound cards and our word wall cards they can write their stories in their journals. One of our favorite parts of writing is the Authors Chair. Teachers pick 3 students to read and share their work with the class. The students are so positive and proud towards each other offering lots of praise about their writings.


We will spend the rest of unit 2 building upon narrative writings and adding to our stories in different ways with different topics. Writing has become a favorite part of our day!

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