CHS Presents Academic Letters to Students

By: Samantha Conners, Contributing Writer

Centralia High School held an awards ceremony on Tuesday, November 19, 2018, to honor the students who lettered in academics the previous school year.

CHS has very high criteria for lettering in academics. Students must have a 95% attendance rate, be on the A or B honor roll three of the last four quarters and score at or above the 85th percentile on a state or national test.

The first time students letter academically at CHS, they receive the letter “C” to put on a letterman’s jacket. The second and third time students letter, they receive a gold bar.  If a student letters all four years, he or she will receive a plaque.

There were 53 total students who lettered academically for the 2017-18 school year: 22 sophomores, 12 juniors, 10 seniors and 9 graduates lettered.

Last year’s freshmen who received a letter included the following students: Schyler Angell, Erika Bourgeois, Kile Chitwood, Aleigha Dollens, Connor Dollens, Gabriela Exendine, Christina Gronefeld, Carter Hawkins, Ella Holiman, Thomas Hudson, Eben Lewis, Samuel Lynn, Maggie Maenner, Joella Melegrito, Roston Palmer, Destiny Ridenhower, Andrew Rish, Abbie Ross, Khader Saleh, Lauren Sanders, Clayton Thomas and Mikeala Woodward.

Nicholas Brooks, Jackson Collier, Grace Hoffman, Adam Hombs and Maximus Michael all lettered for the first time last year as sophomores. Jayden Bennett, Jacob Bentlage, Dallas Lewis, Brady Oligschlaeger, Benjamin Ray, Wesley Redington and Anna Romine lettered for a second time as sophomores.

The juniors had several students who lettered academically last year. Dillon Dunn, Rebecca Hudson and Madison Lipford lettered for the second time and, for the third time, Max Beard, Gwendolyn Bostick, Peyton Davis, Kyra Dickerson, Beth Heimann, Aaron Richterkessing and Danielle Sims received an academic letter.

Audrey Seider received her first letter her senior year. Dawson Kirtley received his second bar his senior year. Lauren Hoffman lettered for the third time her senior year. Six CHS students were recognized for lettering all four years of high school: Dylan Dopler, Olivia Eikel, Kaitlyn Erhart, Chelza Garcia, Kelsey Jaeger and Brandon Moore.

According to Mr. Smith, this event is important because there are a lot of activities and extracurricular accomplishments that get recognized, either with formal awards or informal coverage and notoriety, in our school district.  It is also important that the academic accomplishments of students be recognized as well. This is a great opportunity to provide that recognition and reward based solely on academic performance.

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