Walters Signs with CMU

By: Lily Biggs, Contributing Writer

On December 6, 2018, Kody Walters, CHS senior, signed with Central Methodist University to run in their track and field program. Walter’s passion for the sport and CMU’s academic benefits motivated him to continue his sports career collegiately.

While CMU offers many academic benefits that interested Walters, such as small class size and a great physical therapy program, he also feels they have a great athletic program. He said, “They have a really good track and field program with some amazing coaches to help me reach my goals.” Walters cannot wait to meet new people and make new friends both on the track and in the classroom next fall.

For his upcoming track season at CHS, Walters aspires to beat the 200-meter record and make it to state in as many events as possible. Walters goes to Centralia’s Recreation Center daily to prepare not only for his last season at the high school but also for his first season at Central Methodist.

Walters has and will continue to use his time at the high school to prepare for the upcoming season. Based on his overall experiences, Walters has some great advice to give his fellow CHS athletes: “If you find something you love, try and work every single day to be the best and to never be satisfied with your position. Always strive higher.”

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