During second semester 6th grade students will be participating in a rewards system through using checkbooks.  Students will practice writing checks, making deposits, and balancing a checkbook.  Students can earn money for attendance, helping teachers, good behavior, good grades, neatness on projects and school work, review games, balancing their checkbook correctly, no late assignments and many other things throughout the semester.  Students may have to pay fines for not following directions, being unprepared for class, inappropriate behavior, and talking during class.  

If at any point a student misplaces their checkbook or cannot find their checkbook they can be issued 1 replacement, but they will have to restart with a balance of zero.  If at any point something happens to the checkbook, such as it gets washed in the laundry or torn up by a younger sibling, as long as the student brings me the remnants I will replace it.  The student will be allowed to start with the last legible balance.  

At the end of the semester we have an auction for the students where they are able to buy items with the money they have saved over the course of the semester.  We started learning about checkbooks today and the students were all very excited and can’t wait to receive their checkbooks and registers next week.     

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