Conners Gains Life Skills in FLEX Program

By:  Morgan Crane, Contributing Writer

CHS senior Sam Conners is working in this year’s FLEX program at In Full Bloom with Gretchen Spires, her supervisor and owner of the shop.  

Samantha Conners working at In Full Bloom in Centralia, MO.

The FLEX program allows students to work during the school day in a chosen location within Centralia or in nearby areas. These students perform real-world jobs during school, providing students with both job experience and school credit at the same time.

Thanks to FLEX, Conners is now working a small job at Centralia’s In Full Bloom, a flower shop in downtown Centralia, during school hours. Each day she works around the shop doing basic tasks and jobs, such as preparing flowers and delivering orders in Centralia. Conners believes that FLEX is a good program for students because it can, according to Conners, “help students make decisions about their career choice.”   

Students can gain experience in their field so that they can broaden their horizons in their future and jump headfirst into their jobs.

FLEX is available to any senior who is interested in getting a head start in the work world and continuing his or her education at the same time.

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